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Are you looking to purchase a new business jet, but aren’t sure which is right for your mission? That’s understandable. There are so many from which to choose.  

However, when it comes to business jet, you should always consider Gulfstream. Let’s briefly examine a sampling of their aircraft. They offer enough business jets that you’re sure to see something that meets your needs.  

Large Jets for Large Teams 

Gulfstream offers several larger jets for times when you have to take along the entire team. The current flagship model is the G700.  


The G700 can be modeled to have as many as five living areas with the roomiest cabin you’re going to find in business jets. It accommodates up to 19 passengers and sleeps up to 13. But the added weight doesn’t keep it from reaching a speed of Mach 0.925. 


  • Range 7,500 nm 
  • Max Mach 0.925 
  • Takeoff distance 6,250 ft 
  • Maximum cruise altitude 51,000 ft 

G650 and G650ER

The G650 and G650ER (extended range) were the previous flagship models for Gulfstream. In 2015, the G650ER set what at that time was a new world record when it flew non-stop from Singapore to Las Vegas, a distance of 8,010 miles.  

The G650ER established a new world record in 2019 when it covered 8,379 miles with a flight from Singapore to Tucson, Arizona. 

The G650ER is ideal when it’s imperative that you have transport that doesn’t require frequent stops. For example, your business may require flying over areas where unstable socio-political situations make it unwise to land. 

The G650ER seats up to 19 passengers and sleeps up to 10. 


  • G650 Range 7,000 nm 
  • G650ER Range 7,500 nm 
  • G650 Max Mach 0.85 
  • G650ER Max Mach 0.90 
  • G650 Takeoff distance 5,858 ft 
  • G650ER Takeoff distance 6,299 ft 
  • G650ER Maximum cruise altitude 41,000 ft 
  • G650ER Maximum cruise altitude 51,000 ft 


The G600 is an excellent choice when you routinely travel long distances but don’t require as much room as the G700 offers. However, the G600 is roomy in its own right. After all, it accommodates up to 19 passengers and sleeps up to 9. 


  • Range 6,500 nm 
  • Max Mach 0.90 
  • Takeoff distance 5,700 ft 
  • Maximum cruise altitude 51,000 ft 

A Mid-Sized Jet for an Average-Sized Passenger List

Do you travel with a smaller team that wouldn’t require the amount of space that you find in larger business jets like the G700? Gulfstream also offers mid-size jets that might better suit you. You can find several, but here, we’ll mention the G280. 

The G280 will handle up to 10 passengers and sleep up to 5. It also has two living areas. 

Conveniently, for takeoffs, the G280 only requires 4,750 ft. 


  • Range 3.600 nm 
  • Max Mach 0.84 
  • Takeoff distance 4,750 ft 
  • Maximum cruise altitude 45,000 ft 

Love a Good Deal? Consider a Pre-Owned Business Jet

If you don’t need the latest model jet, you can find bargains on the pre-owned market, such as the venerable Gulfstream IV. The Gulfstream IV first rolled off the assembly line in 1985 and remained in production until 2018. 

It’s large enough for the typical business team and powerful enough to move you between continents non-stop.

The use of this plane goes far beyond the business world. Branches of the military use variations of the Gulfstream IV. For example, both the United States Army and Air Force operate customized versions of this aircraft. 


  • Range 4,220 nm 
  • Max Mach 0.757 
  • Takeoff distance 5,278 ft 
  • Maximum cruise altitude 45,000 ft 

Special Planes for Specific Clients 

Gulfstream jets have a record of dependability that makes them desirable to a long list of organizations with differing missions. According to the company, it has supplied aircraft to more than 40 governments and their military.

You can have your jet outfitted however you see fit. Here a just a few ways that other clients have customized their Gulfstreams.

VIP Transport 

Unstable nations often have to move their heads of state quickly. Many of them choose Gulfstream aircraft for their transport. Perhaps, you don’t have to ferry world leaders, but the people that you do carry are still your VIPs.  

Do you want to ensure that your business talks remain private? Gulfstream can equip your plane with secure communications conditions, including encryption. 

High-Stakes Security 

Do you need a plane that will operate under less-than-ideal conditions? Gulfstream customizes planes according to your needs. 

The jets’ ability to bot take off from relatively short runways and fly long distances non-stop makes them excellent candidates for clandestine and off-the-books operations. 

Medical Rescue

Gulfstream reconfigures jets to become airborne ambulances carrying needed life support equipment and supplies. The roomy cabins make it easier to retool the aircraft to accommodate the latest medical technology. And the quiet cabins are less stressful to sick or wounded patients. 

Atmospheric Research 

Scientific research teams use the Gulfstream models to chase storms and collect data. The technological capability of the aircraft makes them reliable under unreliable conditions. If you need planes that can house your research equipment and still allow room for your team to move around comfortably, the Gulfstream aircraft fit the bill. 

How Much Does a Gulfstream Jet Cost? 

The current flagship, the G700, is approximately $75 million. The G650ER costs in the neighborhood of $66 million. Of course, the prices will change based upon the level of customization you require. Meanwhile, on the secondary market, you stand a good chance of picking up a Gulfstream IV for less than $5 million.

How to Purchase Your Gulfstream

Are you starting to get a good idea of which Gulfstream business jet is the one for you? Financing is usually one of the features that will play an important role in your decision. And that’s where we can help. 

Our team at Shearwater Aero Capital has the expertise to arrange the needed financing to get you the aircraft that you need. Our specialty is asset financing. That means that we find ways to use the assets that you already own to support the purchase of the particular aircraft that you desire. 

We have structured deals across the globe, and we routinely close them in as little as four weeks.  

Don’t put off that aircraft purchase any longer. Your team and your business need it.

Take your first step toward owning a Gulfstream