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(The Global 8000 – which was previoulsy mentioned in this article – has not yet been put into production. I changed it to specs about the 7500. Do you think it would be a good idea to add links to the Bombardier website?)


The good news is that there isn’t a shortage of Bombardier jets from which to choose. However, trying to make a selection from all of those aircraft can cause analysis paralysis. To help you get off the fence, we’ll introduce you to a sampling of Bombardier’s fleet. In just a few minutes, you’ll have a better idea of which Bombardier plane is right for you.

Business Jets 

Bombardier makes business jets suitable for executive groups of both small and large corporations. You’ll find them carrying either the Global, Challenger, or Learjet branding. 

Global 7500

The Bombardier Global 7500 is the largest of the business jets in the company’s stable. It features a cabin 54 feet and 5 inches long and 8 feet wide. That’s enough space to arrange a configuration to seat up to 19 of your key team members. Even your tall executives will be able to move around freely, thanks to the cabin’s height of just over six feet. 

The Global 7500 is specifically designed for large staffs that need to hop between multiple meetings taking place continents apart. It has a travel range of 7,700 nautical miles or 8,861 miles (14,260 kilometers). 


Range 7,700 nm 

Max Mach 0.925 

Takeoff distance 5,800 ft 

Maximum operating altitude 51,000 ft

Global 5000 

The reliable Global 5000 offers similar comfort to the 7500 but in a slightly smaller package. However, this plane still sits firmly in the class of large business jets. 

The 5000 still seats up to 16 passengers. You also won’t sacrifice comfort. The 5000’s interior dimensions are close to those of the 7500. 

You’ll be able to fly 5,200 nautical miles or 5,984 miles (9,630 kilometers) without stopping. If that’s enough distance to support your typical missions, this may be the ideal plane for your team. 


Range 5,200 nm 

Max Mach 0.89 

Takeoff distance 5,540 ft 

Maximum cruise altitude 51,000 ft

Challenger 650 

Like its smaller sibling, the 350, the Challenger 650, is an extremely popular choice for corporate travel. Bombardier says it’s the all-time top-selling business jet of its size. The 650 accommodates up to 12 passengers in the widest cabin for this aircraft class of. 

After five million flight hours, the aircraft boasts a dispatch reliability of 99.9%- the best in the industry. You can add to the 650’s flight total by easily taking nonstop intercontinental hops of 4,000 nm. 


Range 4,000 nm 

Max Mach 0.85 

Takeoff distance 5,640 ft 

Maximum cruise altitude 41,000 ft

Challenger 350 

If there’s one mid-sized jet that you’re likely to see on the runway, it’s the Challenger 350. It’s become one of the favorites in this class size among corporations and charter companies. 

The 350 is optimized to lower your operating costs with more fuel efficiency and less maintenance needed. However, the aircraft doesn’t forego the usual amenities that make private flights an enjoyable experience. Many extras found on competing aircraft are standard with the 350. 

This is the aircraft for you if you routinely carry 10 or fewer passengers. Even with a maximum of 10 passengers aboard, you’ll have plenty of room to move around in the 350’s wide cabin. 


Range 3,200 nm 

Max Mach 0.83 

Takeoff distance 4,835 ft 

Maximum cruise altitude 45,000 ft

Learjet 75 Liberty 

Learjet has long been associated with first-class private air transportation. We’ve all seen the photographs of major business owners and celebrities of the 60s, 70s, and 80s boarding their favorite versions of the Learjet.  

The brand continues today but as part of Bombardier that purchased it in 1990. The mid-sized nimble Learjet is represented here by the Learjet 75 Liberty that came into production in 2019. 

There’s enough seating for nine with an ample 35 inches of legroom.  Advanced internet service on the Learjet 75 makes it possible to continue your briefings and conferences while on your way to your next port of call. You can choose the internet connectivity of your choice when ordering your aircraft. 

The Learjet 75 is classified as a light jet but meets Federal Aviation Administration safety standards that far exceed what is typically found in this classification. 


Range 2,080 nm 

Max Mach 0.81 

Takeoff distance 4,440 ft 

Maximum cruise altitude 51,000 ft

Passenger Jets

If you’re looking to add to your lineup of regional jets, consider Bombardier’s CRJ-1000. The CRJ is one of the aircraft programs that Bombardier sold in recent years. The line includes several other models, including the CRJ-700. The company sold the CRJ to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, which is Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation’s parent company, in the summer of 2020. 

Over the years, Bombardier placed orders for the CRJ aircraft with passenger aviation companies around the world, so you’ll have little trouble locating one in the pre-owned marketplace. The CRJ, the most extended version of the family line, can seat 104 passengers in a cabin that’s 79 feet long and nearly 8.5 feet wide. 

The CRJ-1000 proved popular with airlines because they tended to see better fuel consumption with the aircraft than with its competitors. The better fuel consumption means the CRJ-1000 delivers more profit per seat. 


Range 1,620 nm 

Max Mach 0.68 

Takeoff distance 6,560 ft 

Maximum cruise altitude 39,370 ft

How to Finance Your Bombardier 

Selecting the ideal model of Bombardier aircraft for your mission can be challenging. But even more daunting is finding the needed financing to make the purchase. 

Banks can say no for many reasons. They may think that the current business environment isn’t favorable to making aircraft loans. They may consider your business too heavily in debt. They simply may not understand the vision that you have about taking your company to the next level. 

Whatever the reason may be that the banks say no, it’s not a reason to quit. Our specialty is finding ways to loan money to companies like ours that need to purchase additional aircraft. 

We don’t focus on the same lending criteria that banks use. We deal with asset loans. We help you to finance your next deal using the value of something that you already own. For example, you may possess vacation homes, yachts, artwork, or collector automobiles with enough value to bankroll your next aircraft purchase. 

Let’s discuss your next Bombardier acquisition and how we can make it happen.