Aviation Equipment Financing

At Shearwater, we understand that every aviation equipment financing loan or leasing contract is unique to the situation, which is why our professional team works through each individual project to provide our clients with the maximum benefits and advantages for their business.

Shearwater’s aviation equipment financing programs are fast and flexible, with deferred payments and various financing options available. Clients may choose to include taxes, shipping fees, and other expenses into their loan, allowing your new aviation equipment to begin generating revenue almost immediately. In many cases, we can approve your aviation equipment financing request in a matter of hours.

Aviation Equipment For Business

If aviation equipment is vital to operating your business, it’s very likely that we can finance it. Whether you’ve been rejected by the bank in the past for aviation equipment financing or you simply want to go a different route with a non-institutional alternative, we offer aviation equipment financing for business owners. Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to find a competitive financing solution in order to establish the appropriate structure for financing your new or used aviation equipment.

Aviation Equipment & Machinery

  • Airport Equipment
  • Aircraft Equipment
  • Business Aircraft
  • Corporate Jets
  • Helicopters
  • Turbine Aircraft
  • Turboprop Aircraft
  • Piston Aircraft
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Radar & Satellite Systems
  • Ground Support Equipment
  • Traffic Control Systems
  • Security Equipment
  • APU’s & Engines
  • Manufacturing Equipment
  • Rescue Vehicles

Aviation Finance Leasing

Another option for acquiring operating assets in the aviation industry is aviation equipment leasing. Tax benefits, fast funding approvals, and ease of credit approval are the key reasons businesses choose to go the aviation equipment financing lease route.

Equipment leasing allows companies in the aviation industry to acquire depreciable assets without reducing available lines of credit or cash liquidity. Lease financing allows you to grow your business without the substantial out-of-pocket expenses required to finance inventory and receivables to support those assets.

Benefits of aviation equipment leasing include:

  • Lower upfront capital is required
  • Preserves your working capital
  • Typically the leased equipment serves as the only collateral
  • Good alternative to bank financing
  • New and used equipment is more affordable
  • Leases can be structured to meet the individual needs of the business

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