Aircraft Financing

Shearwater Global Capital is an independent, direct, and full-service aircraft finance company with a strong dedication to providing our clients with great rates and terms while providing outstanding customer service and satisfaction.

Our team combines years of professional experience and an extensive range of backgrounds ranging from overseeing finance teams for large banks to aviation investment funds for a global investment advisory firm. As a speciality asset-based finance company, Shearwater Global is your best choice for aircraft finance because we are not encumbered by bank or large financial institution regulations. Our funding comes primarily from private investors.

How Can We Help?

We pride ourselves on being flexible and structuring deals to meet our clients’ needs as much as possible. Shearwater Global is well versed in the intricacies of aircraft finance and has a deep understanding of the issues that may arise.

Our goal is to give you wings, regardless of the aircraft, be it a jet, helicopter, Turboprop, or Piston. We work to give you the right loan to open up the endless possibilities in the world of aviation.

Aircraft Financing

When you’re ready to purchase your aircraft, our loan application process is convenient, quick and fast allowing us to provide you with the best aircraft finance terms and rates in the industry. Without the restrictions of bank and large institution red tape, we are able to provide the aircraft finance loan that best suits your needs – without the need for a broker fee or middle man.

Our typical loan structures are limited recourse or asset-based and tailored to meet the specific needs of the individual client. Utilizing the financed asset as collateral we can typically close in four weeks depending on the asset. We can also consider convertible debt or Hybrid – Debt /Equity investments.

Shearwater Global Capital provides responsive, customized, asset-based financing solutions on aircraft worldwide including:

  • Business Jets of All Ages
  • Large Turboprop Aircraft
  • Special Mission aircraft
  • Aviation Equipment

Structures we offer include:

  • Finance Leases
  • Bridge Financing
  • Loans
  • Progress Payment Financings
  • Convertible Debt

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